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17 May 2022: Follow @WePatriot on Truth Social and join your local chapter for free to organize with other patriots in your area!

25 Mar 7:36pm EST: Day 31. Join a local convoy.

14 Mar 3:46pm EST: 13 trucks peeled away from the main convoy today and drove through Washington, DC. The convoy was peaceful, as it has been every day, but mainstream media continues to attack and lie about it.

14 Mar 2:38pm EST: Day 20. Watch LIVE

11 Mar 1:14pm EST: The People’s Convoy is circling the DC Beltway once today, two lanes wide. Day 17. Watch LIVE

10 Mar 10:53am EST: We’ve updated our convoy routes page with today’s info for the ride around the DC Beltway.

10 Mar 10:03am EST: The People’s Convoy is meeting with Senator Ted Cruz in Hagerstown, shortly after a heartfelt prayer and poem by William Owens. They will then roll out to the DC area.

9 Mar 6:44pm EST: Lansing, Michigan has a grassroots convoy effort starting up. Details | Discuss

9 Mar 6:40pm EST: Lots of photos from The People’s Convoy and its journey across the United States over the past couple of weeks.

9 Mar 10:22am EST: Today is Day 15. The People’s Convoy plans to remain in Hagerstown, Maryland today due to bad weather in the DC area. YouTube removed the entire WYSIWYG channel after saying his wonderful video showing the meeting in DC between convoy reps and Congress members violated its guidelines.

Folks, it has come to this. No matter what we do, the swamp is censoring us and attempting to divide us.


Let’s work together.

WePatriot is not officially affiliated with The People’s Convoy, but like WYSIWYG and many other tech folks, we’re trying to help people find the convoy and support it. We have contacts with many state level reps for the convoy and have helped thousands of patriots get breaking news about it for the past several weeks.

8 Mar 9:37pm EST: WePatriot is taking Brian Brase’s challenge seriously tonight. He invited people all over the United States to organize state-level freedom convoys. Would you like to help plan these? Go to your state’s page and let’s make it happen. Sign up at WePatriot and get into your state chapter. We’re not affiliated with the convoy but we support its mission and we want to help remind our state governments that they work for us.

8 Mar 9:26pm EST: Convoy organizer Brian Brase said that the mainstream media has misrepresented the convoy: “They keep dividing us. … You could see every walk of life in this group. We are united … Millions of Americans support what we are doing.”

8 Mar 9:21pm EST: Brian Brase addressed The People’s Convoy tonight in Hagerstown, Maryland. He said the first meeting, with Sens. Cruz and Johnson, went very well. And that the second meeting presented a greater challenge, because the lawmakers present didn’t really want the meeting to be recorded by livestreamers friendly to the convoy. Thank you WYSIWYG, and all other streamers, for your work today.

8 Mar 7:04pm EST: Convoy livestreamer WYSIWYG just shared that he almost didn’t get allowed into today’s meeting in Washington, DC between The People’s Convoy organizers and US Congress members Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson. Apparently, mainstream media initially had to report on what was said in the meeting based on WYSiWYG’s stream. They were let in towards the end of the meeting. You can watch it on our live convoy videos page or directly here.

8 Mar 3:11pm EST: An electrifying moment today as The People’s Convoy spoke truth to power in front of members of Congress and of the mainstream press.

YouTube removed the video, but it is still on Facebook.

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Check out our People’s Convoy map! We also have routes info and an events list.

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The People's Convoy: Virtual Overpass

We’ve also got a worldwide virtual overpass so you can cheer on the truckers no matter where you are.


This page is a free resource provided by to help people learn more about “freedom convoys” or rolling rallies of vehicles composed primarily of private citizens, traveling together to protest peacefully for medical freedom around the world in 2022.

The People’s Convoy is sometimes referred to as The Peoples Convoy or by the hashtags #thepeoplesconvoy or #peoplesconvoy.