The People's Convoy: FAQ

Here are some UNOFFICIAL answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about The People’s Convoy.

Where is The People’s Convoy (a nationwide freedom convoy) right now? Hagerstown, Maryland, until tomorrow (March 5, 2022).
Where will it go tomorrow? We don’t know yet. We’ll update this page as soon as we find out.
What is WePatriot? We’re a non-profit organization that helps people work together peacefully to defend and reclaim liberty, starting at the local level.
Are you with the convoys? No, WePatriot is not affiliated with any convoys.
What do these convoys want? The People’s Convoy, the largest of the US based freedom convoys, wants to “end the State of Emergency that led to overreaching mandates” and states, “we demand government ACCOUNTABILITY through full and transparent congressional hearings.” source
How many trucks and other vehicles are in the convoy? It’s difficult to say, but WePatriot estimates that there are over 200 trucks and well over 3,000 other vehicles currently in The People’s Convoy, with more coming in from around the United States.
Where can I watch the convoy live? We’ve got a convoy livestreams page.

When will The People's Convoy travel to Washington, DC in 2022?

The convoy starts 22 Feb 2022.

19 Feb 2022 – check out our People’s Convoy map.

16 Feb 2022 – Interview on Newsmax with Maureen Steele of The People’s Convoy with route information/map

Where does The People's Convoy begin? It was gonna be Indio, then Barstow, now Adelanto, California??

The People’s Convoy will depart from Adelanto, CA – not Indio or Barstow as previously announced by convoy organizers.

When will The People's Convoy travel through my local area?

How do I donate money, time, supplies or equipment to The People's Convoy?

Visit our Support page. You can also share prayers or encouragement.