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  1. I thought I missed a chance to cheer for the Georgia truckers.
    I just heard on Warroom that the GA convoy is somewhere we can go to overpasses today March 4th. One with Vernon Jones.
    Where can I find info on that? I want to be there!

    • I am banned from Facebook for being a patriot for our freedoms
      I was in Atlanta for the freedom rally on April 30th
      I would love to get some of the videos taken
      I am the Tennessee patriot that showed up to protect our people

      • Hi Billy! I was in the white Ranger. I am really sad fB interfered in your God given rights. Right now, it looks like all the videos taken are on Facebook. I’ll contact the people and see if they can put some on YouTube. Thanks for being there . . . just wish we got the attention we need.

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