The People's Convoy: Indiana State Information, Links, News

On March 1, The People’s Convoy will travel east from Cuba, MO on I-70 through the St. Louis area to Indianapolis, Indiana.

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  1. How do I find out what feeder hyways they are going on to meet at the state capitals? I’m in Indiana and wondering is they are going HWY 69S to Indianapolis and approximate day

  2. I’m making the 3-4 hr trip to Indianapolis for this flags in hand proud of these truckers..of ALL truckers they don’t get the respect they deserve for what they do but people give it now ROLL ON

  3. Illinois Governor and State Police have issued a warning to convoy participants crossing the State, They are saying the “trucker convoy endangers the public because traffic backups are major contributing cause to traffic crashes which lead to property damage, personal injury, and even death”. Pritzker is almost as lib as you can get but I live on the Indiana side off I-70 and the people of Illinois in this area, farmers, truckers, factory workers, etc., are quite opposite.

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