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Convoy LIVESTREAM - Day 16 - 10 Mar - Sasnak

Convoy LIVESTREAM - Day 16 - 10 Mar - TodayWithJulius

Convoy LIVESTREAM - Day 16 - 10 Mar - Sasnak

Convoy LIVESTREAM - Day 14 - 8 Mar - Sasnak

Convoy LIVESTREAM - Day 14 - 8 Mar - TodayWithJulius

Convoy LIVESTREAM - Day 14 - 8 Mar - Travel Fun 69

Convoy LIVESTREAM - Day 13 - 8 Mar - TodayWithJulius

Convoy LIVESTREAM - Day 16 - 10 Mar - Travel Fun 69

Convoy LIVESTREAM - Day 14 - 8 Mar - OTR Survival

Convoy LIVESTREAM - Day 14 - 8 Mar - 1st Responders Media

Convoy LIVESTREAM - Day 14 - 8 Mar - Oreo Express

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If you find a convoy livestream, leave a comment. WePatriot is updating this live video links page covering The People’s Convoy many times a day. Let the livestreamers know you found them through WePatriot and that we’ve got convoy maps and route information!

You can also check these livestream channels, they have all been providing daily LIVE coverage of the convoy:

Why is WePatriot sharing these DC convoy livestream videos with you?

Because we help patriots work together peacefully, and the US freedom convoys are raising awareness of government corruption and the need to protect our fundamental human rights regarding medical freedom.

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  1. Go get them, I’d be joining you. But I retired after 45 years in a big truck. I am not against people being safe. That begins with a person having the freedom of choice. What Doctor you choose, what medical treatment you receive, what you put in or take out of your body. IT’s MY BODY. I served this country in the Navy to protect those rights. PERIOD’
    Good luck and Gods speed. Keep the rubber down, the shine up and hammer down. 10-4
    I was in D.C. for 10-4 D.C. you see Brian tell him Ronn says hi.
    CB handle’s Montana
    AKA as Ronn Williams Swiss Logistic
    Tell the dumb asses in D.C. FOLLOW THE REAL SCIENCE.

  2. Carson City Nevada here sending you all love and prayers! May God Bless You All & Keep You Safe as you courageously fight for the Freedom & Liberty for ALL Americans! We are FOREVER GRATEFUL to ALL who are on their way to make OUR voices heard! We the People!! Be safe and fear not, We the People are with you in Every State! The “Honk” heard ‘Round the WORLD!

  3. Not a good idea to post all the link as the opposition uses the info to attack the feed. Please make the feeds available directly on the website to view. The Canadian website did this and worked well. I encourage more people to use alternative streaming platforms and do not only rely on YouTube as they are burying the live feeds.. or causing constant pausing.

    • I get where you’re coming from Venesa. At this point most of those livestreams are so publicly known that it makes more sense to me to put the link out there so that anti-convoy folks get drowned out.

  4. Thank you for livestreaming. We can’t be with you physically but we’re following you online and praying for you all. Blessings!!!

  5. God Bless and watch over each and every one of you…. You are brave patriots, and I am in tears watching the videos and listening to you all talk and knowing what an amazing thing you are doing for everyone who just wants to live free. My prayers are with you every step of the way.

  6. You’ll go “We The People.” This is the most awesome happening of my (79) lifetime. Wish we could go along with you guys. Be safe.

  7. Thank you for all you are doing to fight for our freedom! Be safe and know that the prayers of millions of Americans go with you… God bless you all!

  8. Lord, let your mighty hand of protection be upon the people, family, supporters of the Truckers and convoy. Provide them with Your strength to carry on and know that they are heavily supported and loved across the country!

    Thank you Truckers for taking this stand! We are behind you all the way. May God bless you!

  9. Please occasionally tell what mile marker you are at, the local time, your speed and about where you think you are in the convoy. If you want us coming out in mass, the more info you provide for location and when you hit the next major town, the more support you will see. Please, make your comments useful to get more support rather than just all rambling.

  10. Looking forward to seeing you as you come through Springfield, MO on Monday. I’m a RN who quite because of the mandates. The mandates have decimated healthcare. So many have quit and others who got the “vaccine” are now sick! We’ve got to stop this unconstitutional grab for our freedom of choice.

  11. I use drive long time I am retire.Drive Lexington Th Jeff Reeves Trucking.. I support are brothers & Sisters out there 100%. If Not for Us Tuckers!!!!!!! Out there be nothing in Store. My husband x Navy. He & support you all Freedom !!!!!! Be safe you love linden TN.

  12. Love you all and what you are standing for and the sacrifice of your time and resources to do this! What an amazing journey it was to catch up with you all in LUpton AZ!! I drove 4 hours in the middle of the night from Mesa and didn’t know if I’d make it in time as you all were rolling out at 7 am! But all of sudden I saw the flags flying! American flags, Canadian flags, Trump Flags, Freedom flags! I found it! The People’s Convoy! It was a mountain top experience there in Navajo Nation. God provided for me to connect with you all just as He is providing for you with fuel and food and funds!
    We were once brokers when my husband was living. If he was alive – we would have been rolling with you! I am praying and praising God for your selfless efforts. Just before I left Mesa at 3am, I heard the story of Mr Hernandez – a single Dad who loved his only son and coached his little league baseball team.. His son as a teenager was mandated to take the sh*t in order to continue to play baseball. 48 hours later the boy was dead of myocarditis – his heart enlarged more than double its normal size. This is evil!!! We have to stop it!! I personally know 3 people who died in hospitals because of incorrect treatment protocols. No matter what lies the media tells – we are winning this war! God does not want us to allow evil to keep running ruff-shod over his creation. He told us in Genesis to rule over the earth and subdue it. And He meant in righteousness.
    Trucks move America and the rest of the world. Food, fuel, clothes, meds, supplies, home furnishings, building materials all because of what Truckers do. So thank you, God be with you. roll on. Hold the line. Much love and gratitude, Renee

  13. Born and raised in Norman Ok. Okies you made me very proud to be an okie today. Without unity. We can not win. You truckers are bringing this Nation together like I haven’t seen a long time. For all of my Okie brothers and sisters that can’t go to DC. We’ve got work to do right here in OKC. Do not let the vaccine passport bill in Oklahoma pass. These truckers are putting it all on the line for us. Let’s do the same for them. No vaccine passport allowed in Oklahoma. God bless everyone of you for coming out and supporting these guys. Let’s keep it going.

  14. We are excited that the convoy plans to come around Indy since the through route is closed in the heart of the city. I hope they’ll come around the NW side. 40 Days for Life begins Wed. March 2. Indianapolis will be hosting this peaceful prayer campaign on the public right-of-way in front of PP at 8590 Georgetown Rd. on the NW side of Indy from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Any truckers are welcome to come join us any part of their rest day here in Indy. Anyone who lives in the area is welcome for any March 2- April 10.

  15. You proud Americans show us how United we are, despite how divided they want us to be. God bless America, God speed, and thank you! The whole free world is on your side.

  16. Thank you US truckers for your courage and fortitude; Godspeed and a whole lot of love from us here in New Zealand, following you all the way :).

  17. Stand strong when you reach Washington; at this very moment, riot police in New Zealand are tear gassing, pepper spraying and beating the protesters at Parliament grounds trying to get them out; disgusting cowards and traitors to we the people.

    It’s live on Counterspin Media

    Much Love Brothers and Sisters

  18. Why all the sudden is there is no sound?? Also the picture is often blurred with light covering half of the screen.

  19. With all great respect Do like the Canadians did truckers !! YOU NEED MORE SIGNS ON TRUCKS !!!! Other wise the sleeping America will Perceive that there’s NOT that much “”SERIOUS”” passion for a GENOCIDE! That’s happening to our citizen ary as we speak! That lady with the bus has got it Right. This just came out today interview with dr Artis and another dr just horrible news about 15 min each interv implore All to listen watch. Posted on INFO WARS .COM Vaccine impact .com post the faces and stories of MANY DEAD OR DYING from vc. INTERVIES done 3/5/22 God help us all! Remember the Canadian truckers what happened to them Crushed? Dissapear? Prayers for all

  20. Oreo I have rode with you all the way from Calif and seen all the beautiful states you have drove thru. I am 81 years old and have never been to any of the states you have driven thru. Also today when you dove into DC and by all the historic buildings, I have never been there. We live up in southern Mn and its 34 deg here today, God bless you and Jullis, you are true PATRIOTS!!

  21. Thank you peoples convoy. Wish I could be there to support, but have to do chemo. I want you all to know. I am very proud of all of you. Standing up for our freedom to choose, to our freedom of speech.

    With out these freedoms we are no longer America the land of the free. We lose hope to be able to soar
    We lose hope to be able to soar, to make our dreams become reality.

    People need to wake up before it is to late. Do we want to be a country where government controls every thing we do, from who can thrive in our country,and who can’t? We are being shut down and penalized for just speaking, because it doesn’t fit the naritive of our government.

    I never thought that we would be told that we could not fly, enjoy a sport, a concert, travel, or go to a restaurant. This is what our government has done to us.

    Covid will probably be with us from now on, but it is no worse than the flu, if doctors can treat us with effective treatment, and not be denied to do so.

    I have always thought of Americans as fighters, we are opinionated, fight for what we believe, and strong, but lately I think fear from our government has made many sheep.

    We need to show we have guts, to prevail and not let our government steam roll over us, but we will steam roll over them before take our freeedoms away

  22. (Please insert your own name & info. above)

    March 11, 2022

    Template to be used for contacting all U.S.
    State Rep., Senators, Gov., Atty. Gen., Businesses, Corporations, City/State/Fed. Facilities, Individuals
    Re: Letter of Thanksgiving & Support in Opposing Federal Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates

    Please note that the people in the United States are more than wage earners, career builders, recipients of a paycheck and/or investments. We as employers/employees are accountable for ourselves and for each other to uphold ethical values and standards in morality and in law and order. Hence, you can say, we are all crabs in the gumbo. We are not meant to be part of a masquerade which imposes forced medications/vaccinations.

    Applicable in the U.S. line of defense are the following: The concepts of informed consent and the right to refuse treatment are supported by constitutional laws, the right to privacy and self-determination protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments; the 10th Constitutional Amendment, Nondelegation Doctrine; federal law, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act and the Patient Self Determination Act; the Nuremberg Code on Permissible Medical Experiments banning forced medical experiments and mandates voluntary consent; and state laws and state-mandated medical ethics. The Patient Self-Determination Act states that hospitals must inform patients of their rights when they are admitted. Also applicable is the ethical guidelines of the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist. These laws provide all patients, pregnant or not, with certain fundamental rights.
    The truth speaks for itself. It will always prevail and set you free.
    Please and thank you for your support in refuting forced medications/vaccinations and thereby saving the sanctity of our constitutional law, health and wellbeing.
    The only way to build this road is to walk it freely. God bless you.

    Insert your own name

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