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The People's Convoy Map: Related Links

Get route information, leave a prayer, offer convoy support, or watch The People’s Convoy LIVE. Thanks for helping us cover the convoy and offer accurate info and news about it!

The People's Convoy Map: National Route

Here’s a national map showing the route followed by The People’s Convoy day by day from Adelanto, California to Hagerstown, Maryland.

The People's Convoy Map: About

In February 2022, The People’s Convoy left Adelanto, California and headed peacefully toward the Washington DC area, in support of medical freedom.

This map is an effort by WePatriot to help people work together by finding accurate information about events related to the Convoy.

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  1. if the convoy doesn’t mind a turnpike I’d recommend avoiding route 40 in PA past Washington that’s a historic 2 lane highway most of the way… I’d stay on I70/I76 to Somerset and South, that’s all 4 lane

  2. THANK YOU. I stayed tuned every day. Had tears in my eyes. GOD BLESS you on your return home.

  3. This route information is way out of date. It is for the trip from California to DC. Can the trip from DC to California map and events list please be posted?

  4. God bless you all. Thank you for all you are doing. I drove 80 miles one way to wave my great American Flag. United we Stand. We the People will not be silenced
    Safe travels always. We’ll join again as time and plans allow.
    Let’s Roll America

  5. We need you to help us in California. The evil people are trying to pass laws that will make kids forced to get the shot and also will force all workers to get the shot. Please help me. I cannot support my self and my son without this being stopped. I’m a 50 year old woman. I have worked all my life and am terrified this evil will go through.

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