The People's Convoy: Virtual Overpass

No matter where you are, you can show support for The People’s Convoy. It’s easy and anonymous! Just add a map marker below by clicking or tapping on the “+” icon at the top right.

You can share a simple message and even upload a photo if you like. Show the world that people everywhere support the convoy’s message of peace and freedom!


The People's Convoy: About the Virtual Overpass

This is a simple idea to help people all over the world show love and support for the peaceful freedom convoy called The People’s Convoy in 2022 and its message of liberty and medical freedom.

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  1. So proud of all you truckers and praying for you daily. your in my heart and prayers. Pray for unity, safety/protection while traveling, provision for all your needs in abundance, wisdom any situations may encounter. I stand with you 100% and pray that what your doing, no matter how the media may try to twist it, your efforts will be fruitful and productive exceedingly abundantly more than you even hoped for. May God go before you and surround you, give you peace and fight your battles. He is on your side.

  2. My husband,
    sister and I will be driving down from northern Indiana to see you off. We will be watching from an overpass near Greenfield, Indiana and wish you much success! God bless, keep and guide you in this pursuit!

  3. I hit three overpasses between New Concord and Lore City exit. I am so proud of you. God Bless You and protect you on your journey. A lot of people go along their daily lives not caring. Thank God You Guys care and aren’t afraid to back it up with action.

  4. huge group of complete fucking idiots who don’t know shit about the constitution and american governmment – go fuck yourselves !

  5. This website is very well put together and easily unites patriots. I intend to share it with my fellow patriots. Thank you for putting it together. God bless you and make His face shine on you I pray.

  6. Welcoming the Peoples Convoy back to the Nashville area on 4-30-22 for The Freedom Rally at Don Foxx Community Park in Lebannon, TN. Events start at 2:30. Let’s give the truckers and 4 wheelers a warm welcome! Thanks for all y’all do! Heading back to D.C.

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