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10 Mar 10:47am EST: Here is the route information for The People’s Convoy for March 10, 2022 as it goes around the DC Capital Beltway:

Departure: From the Hagerstown Speedway, turn left onto Rt 40 to I-81s to I-70e to I-270s to I-495s.

Return: I-495 to I-270n to I-70w to I-81n to (exit 5b) to the AC&T truck stop to refuel. From there, we will drive I-81n one exit to Rt 40 (exit 6b) to the Hagerstown Speedway:

Hagerstown Speedway
15112 National Pike
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Convoy driving routes are updated daily. Use WePatriot to help you find driving route information for The People’s Convoy in your local area. Questions or tips? Comment below. We also have a national convoy map.

The People's Convoy Routes: State and Local Driving Information

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  1. Thank You Truckers ! I would like to know when the trucks on Route 80 east will be in the DuBois area so we can show our support at overpass. Thank you all.

  2. I live in Pa. Are they going across route 80. We want to show our support. We are located between exit 97 and exit 101. Need estimated time through our area. I know they were stopping in Grove City, Pa.. My daughter has group there in her area. Thanks, and prayers of safety for you all.

    • Like 3-5pm …
      The west convoy leaves OH at 10:00 am tomorrow morning. Their route to join the northeast convoy at Hagerstown Speedway will be:
      I-70E to I-76E to 81S to Exit 6B to 40 W
      Hagerstown Speedway
      15112 National Pike
      Hagerstown, MD 21740

  3. how to find where is the convoy now and when do they arrive in dc to meet everyone else arriving in dc and where will they go in dc ? tine?

  4. I am so proud of the Americans who are done with mandates. Maureen Steele, you’re amazingly strong. I will keep all on this convoy a daily prayer for travel mercies along your route. We love you and support you. I’m in Central Florida and I’m disabled but I want you all to know; I love the Lord and despite what’s said about religious folks on the right; I will love on you people financially and maybe more, I hope.

  5. I m3t Ratrod andva fewv others last night when i stopp3d to get gas in Linda and they were going to relocate to the nearby racetrack. Was going to visit but they are not around. Any updates as to where they went. These are the people ive been wanting to connect with whos values i relate to and would love to kerp in contact and promote, true Americans

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