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  1. / General Flynn is warning that Biden will do the same thing that Trudeau did bringing in foreign troops UN or otherwise to rough the truckers up and smash their trucks and kidnap their kids.
    On that note watch this JOS is probably VP JFK JR. He said this Convoy should be about Voter Fraud. Wouldn’t you rather get President TRump, the elected president back into office instead of China Joe and the CCP who stole the election through Dominion servors routed through CIA in Germany and probably Spain as well.
    He also makes the point that keeping the Commerce of the United States going is better than shutting it down by blocking the roads.
    Personally I think the Covid Mandates ought to go because those clot shots are hurting people and killing some other people. I’d emphasize that but would add voter fraud to the list so we can have a patriotic American Govt than a Rockefeller/Rothchild puppet in China Joe. And President Trump backed the Canadian Freedom Convoy.

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