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Texas Convoy Route Directions and Timeline

Texans will once again be on Bridges and overpasses throughout Dallas – Ft. Worth on March 1st to unite for freedom supporting the Convoys leaving from Weatherford TX to Oklahoma city and from Weatherford to Nashville.

Meeting place at 10:00 am to join convoy is Pilot Gas Station March 1 st.

Bridges to support:

  • I20 aka FM1187 Aledo & FM 3325 Aledo
  • 1000 am second staging westpoint bridge & 820 North
  • 10:00 am March 1st 3rd staging Basswood BLV at I35 w
  • 10:30 am 4th staging 1776 Bridge Brigade Ganzer Rd I35
  • 10:30 am March 1st

Be loud be proud fight for America.

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  1. Are y’all going to post information on which bridges to cover for the convoy heading back to California? The last map I saw showed that they might pass through Dallas, Abilene and El Paso.

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