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Updated 26 Feb 2022. News
The People’s Convoy info

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International Freedom Convoy Information by Country/Region:

International Freedom Convoy News

16 Feb 2022: Interview on Newsmax with Maureen Steele of The People’s Convoy with route information/map

16 Feb 2022: Multiple peaceful convoys are being organized in the US, such as The People’s Convoy.

10 Feb 2022: Dr. Robert Malone publishes open letter to the Canadian truckers. Source

7:02 pm EST, 7 Feb 2022: The People’s Convoy will issue a press release on Tuesday night, 8 Feb. Source

News, 7 Feb 2022: Long Island, NY patriots have assembled food and care packages for truckers inbound to DC. Source


The largest Canada convoy Telegram group:

Official GiveSendGo fundraiser campaign:

Official GoFundMe fundraiser campaign at was canceled by GoFundMe as of Feb 4, 2022, after raising over $10 million CAD.

Mariners for Freedom: (fisherman are joining!)

Rally for Resources: Group on the ground at the border who needs help:

First official presser given by the organizers a few days ago:

Official Facebook Page:


Europe convoys information:


Europe convoys are planned for 7 Feb 2022 in various countries, and 14 Feb 2022 converging on Brussels, Belgium.



Germany convoy Telegram group:



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