is an initiative by Brian Ward to finance and support civil lawsuits against covid vaccine mandates.




Details from the website’s about page:

“The More You Know!

“Becoming an expert on statutes governing the administration of experimental substances involving humans was never on my radar. However, when I saw Navy Seals being treated as if they were the enemy I took notice. Then when nurses were fired, students were denied access to schools, and fathers and their families forced out onto the streets because they refused to volunteer for Pfizer’s biomedical research project it got my blood boiling.

“1,000 hours of research later I fully understand the right of Americans to seek financial remedy in the halls of justice. The irony is that we have our men and women in uniform to thank. They encouraged me to go further than I planned, financed my efforts, and rolled up their sleeves and provided me with their skillsets along the way. Service members have never stopped fighting for their country!”

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