1. My sister Sue Stendel, and I drove from Battle Lake MN to join the convoy in Lebanon MO with my brother Ron Dennis. We have encountered many wonderful people that are very appreciative of this movement. They are looking for hope and answers to the state of the nation. We have been very relentless in getting the truth and they are so gracious and overwhelmingly generous and thankful. We have made many good acquaintances’ along the way. What a great opportunity to meet the people and share the love that we so desperately need back in our country. No more division, lies and mandates. They all have had enough. People are hungry for love, affection and truth. God wins!
    Judi Olson

  2. A note to remember on behalf of livestreamers. Please do not put copyrighted music on right away after the end of the evening meeting, as the livestreamers will get strikes and have their whole day’s work not able to be posted. So give it a few minutes, otherwise they have to leave the close area immediately, and not have their microphones on, interview people, etc. So please let the AV planners know and it will help everybody. Thank you so much.

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