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This is a public wall of personal stories about The People’s Convoy, a peaceful show of support for medical freedom from California to Washington DC in 2022. Learn more.

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  1. I’ll go first 🙂 I’ve been able to personally interact with hundreds of people who are going to be attending or cheering on the convoy as it heads toward DC. ALL have been peaceful, and many have expressed a deep desire for healing in this country, as you can see here:

    I’m so excited for this week! If you’re already in Adelanto, CA, let us know! Or even if you’re just planning to show support, let’s hear it! We want to hear YOUR personal convoy experiences!

    • My name is Dan a Army Vet Driver and live in Lookout area…

      I like to ask any folks who would like to meet up and convoy out to new chapter of the movement called ( 1776 Restoration Movement ) in West Virginia as I will be departing Chattanooga, Tennessee on July 2nd. Please if anyone is interested call me anytime 423-618-5937

      Thank you
      Dan H.

  2. “I was Trucking when Trucking was not cool” The Trucker’s run the world! I was one of the first Female Truck Divers back in the 70;s. I was going to Ohio State and a friend bought a truck and came through Columbus, Ohio and asked me if I wanted to go on a trip with him in his new truck. Note: I was tired of working on my Mrs. degree and quit school. My first trip was 30 days from Calif to New York (Hunts point Market) then to Yakama, Washington back to Calif. then to New Mexico and back to Hunts Point . After that trip I did not want to do anything but Trucking. So my friend taught me how to drive 13 speed Peterbilt and we drove as a team I was his co- driver. They did not even have female showers back then. I would stop to get coffee at truck stop and catch up on my log book. When I went to sit down at truck stop the waitress would ask me to move ( Professional Driver Only) I would then take out my DOT card and ask her to have her boss bring me my coffee with cream and sugar because I wanted to speak to them. I got a lot of free meals and coffee over the years. It was the best job I ever had. I was also in Convoy back in 1979 into DC. I am 63 years old now and want to be with then so bad. Any trucker need a co-driver. I font wear my Daisey dukes and halter tops any more just Trump tee shirt and shorts. I want to stand in the Gap for my Grandkids Freedoms !!

  3. Well, I had to come to Adelanto. I tried to borrow a car but no one responded, there was not time to arrange it so I came with my expired tags. I have a 2006 Chevy Uplander small mini van. I have a moving permit but its only to get to the smog. but I have been there 10 times and still dont pass.. So, I was at the gas station in Hesperia after the truckers rolled out and a 20 year old looking cop came up to me while I was about to get out to buy gas and told me “Give me your Keys, I’m Taking Your Car” for tags. I am 62 and as you know it was around 33 degrees. I begged, I told him “you have no heart” and that I was there for the convoy. It didnt matter. I did a lot of calling around and I was able to get my car out for $462 for a few hours in. When I was at their police station there were all kinds of people who were there who got their cars taken in the same way at the Stater Brothers. I dont know the reason, probably like mine, something wrong. There was one guy though who was only in the red. in the car. waiting for someone to come out of the store, they wouldnt let him move they took his car.. So Im looking into it, what I can do about it but STILL, IT WAS STILL WORTH IT TO SEE THE TRUCKERS TAKE OFF

  4. I would not mind if people would like to send letters about it to Hesperia police that thats no way to treat a tourist.

    I already went on Yelp

  5. The Heartland of America is proud and grateful today to welcome and wave on the convoys through Oklahoma! I would not be surprised if every overpass had a crowd of flag waving, cheering Americans of every age. We certainly did here in Sapulpa, the crossroads of America. One friend said that she had not been this excited about something in a very long time, since politics and world events have seemed all negative for so long. Another friend, with her husband waving both an American flag and an Appeal to Heaven flag, Had to wipe tears from her eyes to see patriotism rise in the public.
    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke). Praying that the rally cry continues without growing weary!

  6. Not a biggy compared to some stories, but my son and I dove up 4 hours from Sherman, TX yesterday afternoon to see the convoy arrival into Elk City, OK; spend time at the gathering point (very cold); stayed overnight and then positioned this morning at the first overpass out of Elk City to cheer the convoy on its way (26 degrees..brrr). My Dad was an 18 wheel driver all his life, may he RIP, and so an extra heart-tug for this event as well as the support for freedom. Thank you all.

  7. What an amazing Sunday afternoon for the 300-400 flag-waving, shouting, praying people as they paid homage and appreciation to the convoy that rolled under the Hwy 28 overpass close to Adair, Oklahoma!!!!!! The main part of the convoy of semis, pickups, motorhomes, RVs, cars and motorcycles lasted a full 40 minutes plus many, many more that came through earlier. It was an awesome sight and a privilege to witness men and women taking a stand to defend our FREEDOM in America. Too many people have shed their blood so that we would not have to live under tyranny and oppression! We pray safety, peace, comfort and blessings over all of the people involved in this mighty movement!

  8. Great update,
    This movement is so important on many levels. In regards to our children’s and our country. Simply put, this has gotta work.

  9. A friend and I drove 2.5 hours from Taos to Albuquerque to greet, support and thank the trucker Convoy Friday morning! We had to wait 2.5 almost 3 hours and in the meantime, waving and receiving acknowledgment from the what 5K cars and trucks that went by. That was so powerful for me, giving me hope that people DO know what’s going on. I cried that so many were waving and honking their horns.
    Then when big red- John Landis truck, showed up, I was jumping up and down and I’m 63! Ha! And all the rest of the trucks and cars for like 8 miles.
    I am sad I can’t follow them due to needing to work and realizing they are not working to support their families right now. That’s why they need financial support too.
    Instead of sending money to some politicians campaign, donate to the Convoy, the people who are actually working to save your freedoms.
    I am watching everyday and following all the convoys and send my love and support to them.
    I have never been a flag flying American but I just ordered the peoples convoy shirt and I picked one with an American flag behind a truck!
    Wake up America!
    Thank you truckers and pickup trucks and cars and to all the Americans supporting them !
    End the Emergency Powers Act and bring these liars and killers to Justice.
    Thank you!
    Gracias! Pelamiya!
    ( thank you in Spanish and Lakota)
    Val Morningstar 🙏🏽💗💫

  10. I drove 4 hrs. (RT) to Sullivan to welcome the Convoy, only to hear that they stopped in Cuba, MO.

    I’ll be waving flags on a St. Louis overpass tomorrow! Thank you, Patriot Truckers. You’re the best!

  11. Mountainmann
    The People’s Convoy (Official)
    Everywhere we go, we find sympathetic, Godly people. Wherever we stop, people are welcoming. People offer financial help, maybe just paying for a soft drink or offering hugs. Whatever they have, they show their respect and love of this country and appreciation for the truckers who organized this movement. And it’s a movement, not a political statement. Young and Old men who have been in the military, stand at attention saluting the flags as they go by. Moms with kids have posters telling the truckers they love them. Farmers are standing in the fields waving flags. Wow, It brings tears to our eyes. We are not divided. We are ONE.

    This morning in the motel, while eating breakfast, I saw a lone gentleman praying over his breakfast. As I walked by, I put my hand on his shoulder and said, ”Good man”. He nodded toward my husband and said I have a good man, too (Ed always prays before each meal…other times, too –
    ;-). That got us chatting about the convoy. He wanted to donate, but was afraid to do it online. So he pulled out his wallet, took all the cash he had in it, and asked us to the trucker. His name is Michael. Our country is still filled with good people.

  12. We were on an overpass about 15 miles east of Albuquerque–Was wonderful to see the Convoy! Lots of love from a lot of people here in NM, where we’ve been under stringent mandates for almost 2 years now. US Convoys are VERY popular here…we’re wishing them all the love, all the support, for the duration!

  13. I took a flag to a center city Philadelphia overpass for y’all while you drove around the Beltway today, and prayed for the good success of the convoy. God bless you.

  14. we attended hagerdtown speedway 2 weeks ago. we gave the truckers a hero departure as they left for the beltway. It was so patriotic, we waved american flags and the truckers honked as they left A TRUE PATRIOTIC EVENT. GOD BLESS THE AMERICAN TRUCKERS THAT ARE BOLD ENOUGH TO STAND UP! also great appreciation to Canadian truckers that
    invoked this movement.

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