The People's Convoy: Virtual Overpass

We’ve also got a worldwide virtual overpass so you can cheer on the truckers no matter where you are.


8 Mar 4:56pm EST: What can you do to support the convoy?
8 Mar 2:55pm EST: Quote of the day: “Just give the American people a g–d–n chance.” God bless that patriot for speaking truth.
8 Mar 1:41pm EST: We’ve added a Day 14 convoy photo gallery.
8 Mar 1:19pm EST: The convoy is finishing its lap around the Beltway, then will return to the Hagerstown Speedway. Watch LIVE
8 Mar 12:57pm EST: In a meeting with members of Congress today, convoy organizer Brian Brase called people around America and the world to “start organizing.” Want to take part in synchronized state by state convoys near you? You can help the DC beltway convoy by organizing with folks in your state. We can help. State links | Join WePatriot
8 Mar 12:38pm EST: The People’s Convoy meeting with lawmakers and the mainstream press is over. May God help the truth be told about it. Please watch and share the video of it. The convoy, despite mainstream media attacks, continues to roll forward and continues to grow.
8 Mar 11:07am EST: In response to a lawmaker saying America needs an “awakening” regarding health freedom, convoy organizer Brian Brase said that “the awakening is circling the Beltway right now.”
8 Mar 10:57am EST: Brian Brase, lead organizer for The People’s Convoy, is meeting in person with Senators Ted Cruz and Ron Johnson right now. Watch it live on WYSIWYG Tv’s livestream.
8 Mar 10:34am EST: Despite mainstream media (MSM) reports that the convoy has “fizzled out,” we’ve counted more trucks than yesterday already – at least 175 compared to about 145 yesterday. The convoy will appear larger today not only because there are more trucks, but also because they’re not bobtailing (driving without trailers) as they did yesterday (a bobtails-only day, two lanes wide on the DC Beltway).
8 Mar 10:30am EST: Trucker G is live on Facebook streaming the convoy’s drive. Please leave a comment there and let people know you found the stream via 🙂
8 Mar 10:23am EST: We’ve added today’s Day 14 convoy route information to our convoy routes page.
8 Mar 10:14am EST: WePatriot has added a convoy breaking news archive. Read our daily news coverage of The People’s Convoy going all the way back to Day 1.
8 Mar 10:03am EST: The People’s Convoy has announced that today, “U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) will meet with The People’s Convoy to discuss the harmful effects of President Biden’s vaccine mandates while the convoy circles the beltway.”
8 Mar 9:42am EST: The People’s Convoy is going strong and growing. It added at least 60 trucks and hundreds more passenger vehicles last night, and Bikers for America is on its way today. Watch LIVE

7 Mar 8:10pm EST: The convoy crowd in Hagerstown is now singing the national anthem together, as lead organizer Brian Brase conducts a public meeting from the stage.
7 Mar 6:33pm EST: We’ve added a simple poll asking, “Do you support The People’s Convoy?” So far, “Yes” is winning.
7 Mar 6:20pm EST: A new convoy of about 60 trucks, plus many four wheelers, has just joined The People’s Convoy and is pulling in to Hagerstown, MD Speedway. Check it out on our convoy livestreams page. The convoy circled the DC Beltway today with about 140-150 trucks, so this is a welcome and timely addition.
7 Mar 1:18pm EST: Sasnak is at the 3 o’clock position on the Beltway, headed clockwise, and is about to pass the convoy head-on as it heads counter-clockwise on the outer loop.
7 Mar 1:09pm EST: Live streamer WYSIWYG is parked on the side of the DC Beltway, showing the two-lane-wide People’s Convoy passing by. Meanwhile, Sasnak is circling the beltway in the opposite direction, so he can show us the head-on view of the convoy. Watch both at the same time.

7 Mar 12:45pm EST: We’ve added a page with a list of demands of The People’s Convoy.
7 Mar 12:32pm EST:
The People’s Convoy just finished passing Sasnak, a convoy livestreamer, on their way to the DC Beltway. His viewers estimated about 150 semi trucks and 450 overall vehicles. Keep track live on multiple convoy video live streams.
7 Mar 12:25pm EST:
The convoy is led by over 150 trucks and has been passing by Sasnak (livestreamer and trucker) for 17 minutes.
7 Mar 12:05pm EST: The People’s Convoy has a police escort right now as they approach the DC Beltway. Livestreamer Sasnak is just ahead of the convoy and is about to park and watch it pass so we get a good idea of the size of it. We’ve got convoy livestreams.
7 Mar 11:24am EST: How you can help the convoy.
7 Mar 10:51am EST:
There are over 130 trucks in The People’s Convoy today, with hundreds of other vehicles.
7 Mar 10:30am EST: The People’s Convoy is now starting to roll out of Hagerstown, MD. They will do a single lap around the DC Beltway at the minimum legal speed limit, two lanes wide, and the trucks are bobtails only today (no trailers). Watch LIVE
6 Mar 9:06pm EST: Our notes from Brian Brase’s speech tonight.
6 Mar 7:26pm EST: Brian Brase just addressed the crowd in Hagerstown, MD. At 8pm to 8:05pm, he said, the crowd is invited to go to their vehicles and “lay on your horns” for people who’ve lost their lives for the sake of freedom. We’ll post our full notes from his remarks shortly.
6 Mar 6:24pm EST: The People’s Convoy successfully and peacefully circled the DC Beltway twice today. Tonight at 7pm EST, convoy riders and supporters will meet at the Hagerstown, Maryland Speedway. Tomorrow morning at 8 am EST, they will hold another meeting.
6 Mar 3:15pm EST: Today is a good day to pray. The convoy is completing its second lap around the DC Beltway and will head back to Hagerstown, Maryland for the night.
6 Mar 1:32pm EST: a text announcement from The People’s Convoy: “We need immediate help loading all supplies and donations into cargo bays before the rain showers come in. Anyone in the vicinity, please come to Hagerstown Speedway to help us pack up supplies. Thank you and God Bless!!!”
6 Mar 12:26pm EST: The People’s Convoy is now on the DC Beltway, circling around slowly (minimum legal speed).
6 Mar 11:48am EST: RSBN is livestreaming the Beltway as The People’s Convoy nears. We’ll add it to our convoy livestreams page.
6 Mar 11:40am EST: The People’s Convoy is currently passing the Buckeystown, Maryland exit (ext 26) on I-270S, about 30 miles from the DC beltway. Watch LIVE on multiple livestreams.
6 Mar 10:56 am EST: Another livestream, from the convoy’s FB page. The People’s Convoy is currently about an hour from the DC Beltway, where it will go around the 64-mile-long roadway via the counter-clockwise Outer Loop at the minimum legal speed.
6 Mar 10:07am EST: From the official Facebook page for The People’s Convoy: “Hey DC, if you weren’t sure how BIG we are, here’s your chance to take a look! Oh and PS, we are growing by the minute!! We will hold the line! YOU WORK FOR US!” source
6 Mar 9:36am EST: The convoy is heading to the DC Beltway. Watch LIVE | Route info
6 Mar 2:38am EST: We the People are about to stand together by riding together. As the world watches, The People’s Convoy will encircle Washington DC on the Beltway, as per a Washington Post interview with convoy organizer Brian Brase. archived source | original source It’s a good time to pray for our voices to be heard in a peaceful, powerful manner.
5 Mar 7:08pm EST: If you’d like to offer free services of ANY kind to The People’s Convoy, please contact WePatriot. There is a tremendous need for support of all kinds right now, and while we’re not affiliated with the convoy, we’re in direct contact with some of the organizers and we’re good at helping patriots work together (that’s central to our mission). So if you can offer your skills or time, or just want to help somehow, let us know. We the People have to work together right now.
5 Mar 7:00pm EST: Watch our convoy livestreams. WePatriot updates this website many times a day to being you the latest on The People’s Convoy. Google hates us and we’re banned on Facebook, so please share this with your friends who still use those sites. We also have a public prayer wall for the convoy, a virtual overpass people can sign, and state by state convoy links. And a big convoy map.
5 Mar 6:39pm EST: The convoy might not leave Hagerstown at all tomorrow. Brian Brase, organizer of The People’s Convoy, asked the crowd to hold on to their hotels for one more night. There will be a meeting in Hagerstown at 8:00am EST on Sunday, March 6 where the convoy organizers will announce further plans.
5 Mar 6:38 pm EST: Brian Brase just addressed the crowd in Hagerstown.
5 Mar 6:17pm EST: A massive American flag is about to be unfurled by the crowd.
5 Mar 5:08pm EST: The rally is about to begin.
5 Mar 4:36pm EST: Outstanding video of bridge overpass cheering from Lebanon, TN to Abingdon, VA (southern convoy, not the main one).
5 Mar 3:42pm EST: The People’s Convoy just announced a rally at 5pm ET in Hagerstown. Watch it LIVE at WePatriot. “Rally will begin at the Hagerstown Speedway Grandstands at 5pm EST today. Hear from the lead convoy organizers, medical Dr’s, US Freedom Flyers, and truckers as they share their inspiring stories and deliver patriotic messages of freedom. We will be unfurling the giant American flag in the parking area following the speakers. Come out and be a part of history as we continue to push forward!” See official convoy links
5 Mar 2022 12:07pm EST: Touching Gettr post yesterday by a convoy driver. They said to convoy organizer Brian Brase: “I’m glad your here and you have encouraging words this morning. I almost left during the night. I have no kids, but I’m doing it because we need to assure the freedom to the next generation. I love you! Here’s dad. I will be lea in it with 2 men who will make sure dad finishes his last tour.” They shared a photo of a folded American flag in their car. Brase replied: “Man, you just brought me to tears. God Bless you. We are all family.”

Where is The People’s Convoy (a nationwide freedom convoy) right now? Hagerstown, Maryland, until tomorrow (March 5, 2022).
Where will it go tomorrow? We don’t know yet. We’ll update this page as soon as we find out.
What is WePatriot? We’re a non-profit organization that helps people work together peacefully to defend and reclaim liberty, starting at the local level.
Are you with the convoys? No, WePatriot is not affiliated with any convoys.
What do these convoys want? The People’s Convoy, the largest of the US based freedom convoys, wants to “end the State of Emergency that led to overreaching mandates” and states, “we demand government ACCOUNTABILITY through full and transparent congressional hearings.” source
How many trucks and other vehicles are in the convoy? It’s difficult to say, but WePatriot estimates that there are over 200 trucks and well over 3,000 other vehicles currently in The People’s Convoy, with more coming in from around the United States.
Where can I watch the convoy live? We’ve got a convoy livestreams page.

5 Mar 11:53am EST: We’ve shared some thoughts on this question: Are the convoys winning?
5 Mar 11:13am EST: The convoy rests in Hagerstown, Maryland today (Day 11).
4 Mar 7:58pm EST:
Meetup in Louisiana tomorrow. Tonight in Hagerstown MD, a rally is being held. Watch LIVE
4 Mar 6:26pm EST: As The People’s Convoy stops in Hagerstown, MD tonight and tomorrow night, please bookmark and share all its official links. You can also discuss the convoys and other topics at WePatriot. We’re not affiliated with any convoys, but we want to help Americans and others worldwide to get accurate news and information about them.
4 Mar 4:45pm EST: Share your convoy stories as over 250 trucks and 5,000 other vehicles arrive in Hagerstown, Maryland.
4 Mar 4:25pm EST: WePatriot is providing free breaking news coverage of The People’s Convoy and other freedom convoys. Leave a prayer, watch the convoys live, check out the convoy map, routes, news. This is one of the most amazing displays of peaceful patriotism we’ve ever witnessed. THANK YOU for sharing our website.
4 Mar 3:41pm EST: TheBCPreacher is LIVE in Hagerstown.
4 Mar 3:33pm EST: The main convoy will be in Hagerstown, MD in less than an hour. Watch LIVE
4 Mar 1:34pm EST: The People’s Convoy main group of well over 1,000 vehicles, including at least 140 trucks, is headed east from Lore City, OH to Hagerstown, MD and is currently 8 miles west of New Stanton, PA.
4 Mar 1:23pm EST: DC’s New York Fire Wings at 2000 5th St NE #123, Washington, DC 20002 is Veteran owned and operated and is inviting all patriots visiting DC at this time to stop by. They are closed Sunday and Monday, open again on Tuesday. The People’s Convoy has no plans to enter DC.
4 Mar 11:31am EST: We’ve added Hagerstown, Maryland convoy details. The main convoy of well over 1,000 vehicles left Lore City, Ohio about 45 minutes ago.
4 Mar 11:15am EST: Several convoy livestream commenters counted approximately 145 trucks, along with hundreds of other vehicles.
4 Mar 10:40am EST: The lead truck for The People’s Convoy has started to pull out of Lore City, OH.
4 Mar 9:08am EST: 1st Responders Media livestreamer just said he counted 115-120 or more trucks in The Peoples’ Convoy in Lore City, OH this morning.
4 Mar 9:05am EST: New details given by Brian Brase about the convoy’s plans for the next two days. It will spend two nights in Hagerstown, followed by a visit on Sunday to a location two miles outside the DC beltway, where it will meet with some members of US Congress.
4 Mar 8:42am EST: Are you ready to be part of history?

3 Mar 10:00pm EST: The west convoy leaves OH at 10:00 am tomorrow morning. Their route to join the northeast convoy at Hagerstown Speedway will be:
I-70E to I-76E to 81S to Exit 6B to 40 W
Hagerstown Speedway
15112 National Pike
Hagerstown, MD 21740

3 Mar 8:20pm EST – URGENT – If you know ANYBODY who can deliver donations for The People’s Convoy from Columbia, SC to Hagerstown, MD by March 6, please let us know IMMEDIATELY. Open the live chat at the bottom right of this website or email us at, thank you so much. The person we’re trying to help says, “A box truck would do the trick. Do not need a 53 footer but if that’s what comes, we estimate it would cover the floor and maybe a little more. An RV, 5th wheel or the like would get most of it and that would be better than nothing. Ideally would need it picked up before Sunday 3/6 as it’s outside (covered by tarps) and the property owner will be heading to DC in a support vehicle about then. Can be flexible if it means getting it done.”

UPDATE 3/4: Thank you – we’ve resolved the situation and the donations will be delivered to the convoy. Thanks to all who offered help!

3 Mar 7:15pm EST: 90 minutes later, a long stream of vehicles is still arriving in Lore City, with well over 100 trucks and hundreds of other vehicles. Thanks to Julius and Josh from Oreo Express for providing visual proof of that. The People’s Convoy has grow much larger than it was two days ago.
3 Mar 7:04pm EST: RV owners, stay for free near Lore City, OH, get free breakfast. Details
3 Mar 6:20pm EST: Did you cheer on a convoy today? Tell us about it! Stories | Overpass Map
3 Mar 6:19pm EST:
Over 80 trucks have pulled into Lore City, OH with The People’s Convoy, with more streaming in. Watch them arrive LIVE
3 Mar 5:40pm EST: “Northeast convoy is rolling out of Harrisburg PA! 81 South to exit 6B. Next stop Hagerstown Speedway!!” source
3 Mar 4:51pm EST: The People’s Convoy main group is starting to arrive in tonight’s destination, Lore City, OH. Watch LIVE. WePatriot will continue to provide breaking news coverage of this historic nationwide event. We have maps, route info, news, prayers, even a virtual overpass.
3 Mar 3:45pm EST: The convoy is 40+ miles long and snaking around the 270 south of Columbus, OH.
3 Mar 3:05pm EST: The People’s Convoy main group is heading east toward Lore City, OH and is currently about 2 hours from its destination, in South Vienna OH and stretching west and east of that point. People are cheering from virtually every overpass.
3 Mar 2:38pm EST: “Northeast Convoy will be leaving Harrisburg PA soon and traveling 81S to Exit 6B to 40W to Hagerstown Speedway. We are asking that if you are planning to come to the speedway and aren’t part of the convoy that you arrive after 6:00 PM.”
3 Mar 2:33pm EST: The People’s Convoy’s Telegram group has a post by Cctruck17 saying that the convoy has officially cut ties with Leigh Dundas, who spoke last night in Monrovia, IN at the convoy’s event. WePatriot is reaching out for verification.
3 Mar 2:18pm EST:
The convoy is near Springfield, OH.

3 Mar 2:18pm EST: The convoy is near Springfield, OH.
3 Mar 12:47pm EST: The convoy is in western Ohio and will stop in Lore City tonight. People are streaming in from the northeast as well. Check out our convoy map.
3 Mar 12:00pm EST: The People’s Convoy WILL STOP BRIEFLY at approximately the 3 mile marker after entering Ohio from the west on I-70. The convoy will be about 45 minutes west of Dayton OH at that point.
3 Mar 11:47am EST: The convoy is about 35 miles long and about 2 hrs west of Dayton, OH.
3 Mar 11:30am EST: We’ve updated our Montana convoy page. The people of Montana showed up to support The People’s Convoy!
3 Mar 11:20am EST: The People’s Convoy has a western group passing through Gillette WY today. Source
3 Mar 10:25am EST: The People’s Convoy is 4 hrs driving away from the Lore City OH area.
2 Mar 11:55pm EST:
Day 9 route information for March 3 has been released:

Tomorrow morning there will be Trucker meeting at 8:00 am.  The convoy will then depart Monrovia, IN around 9:00 am Local Time.

The Route will be:

I70E to 465N to I70E to 270S to I70E to Exit #186

The destination is:

64279 Wintergreen Rd

Lore City, OH 43755


2 Mar 7:43pm EST: Check our convoy map and routes info, we’re updating them daily as The People’s Convoy grows. Leave a prayer, sign our overpass map, share a story.

2 Mar 7:00pm EST: As the main convoy rallies in Monrovia, IN, we’ve updated the Northeast route info.
2 Mar 6:45pm EST: The people hold up the biggest US flag we’ve ever seen.
2 Mar 6:04pm EST: Drone footage of The People’s Convoy in Monrovia, Indiana.
2 Mar 3:59pm EST: Day 8 Convoy Route Update
2 Mar, 2:30pm EST UPDATE: 
Maine Convoy passing thru CHELMSFORD MA right now en route to Auburn MA. They should reach around 3:15pm ET.
2 Mar 2:30pm EST: One driver reports: “Every overpass on I84 in Connecticut has folks flag waving. It has been great traveling in Connecticut today. Love the patriotism and unity! 🇺🇲🇺🇲“

2 Mar 12:26pm EST: Folks in Couer d’Alene, ID cheer on an overpass.
2 Mar 12:06pm EST:
A convoy group from New Hampshire is coming down through Massachuetts right now. People have been seen cheering the convoy from overpasses in Salem, Tewksbury, Lowell and Chelmsford.
2 Mar 11:59am EST: Plattsburgh, NY update:
2 Mar 11:33am EST: Convoy leaves Hermon, Maine.
2 Mar 11:23am EST: LIVE video of Maine convoy supporters in Kennebunk, ME.
2 Mar 11:02am EST: Maine is showing out to support the convoy! Kennebunk Fire Department offered a convoy escort, and people cheered at multiple overpasses in the area.
2 Mar 10:55am EST: People are leaving from Maine today to join The People’s Convoy!

  • 2 Mar 10:00am EST: As The People’s Convoy’s main group rests for a day in Monrovia, Indiana, others are coming from the Northwest, Northeast and South to join it. WePatriot is covering all of this to help you find accurate convoy information.
  • 1 Mar 10:30pm EST: We added new Idaho and Montana events to our convoy map.
  • 1 Mar 5:30pm EST: The People’s Convoy has arrived in Monrovia, IN and will spend the night there tonight AND tomorrow night. Good time to add your prayers and virtual overpass well wishes. We’re also updating the map and routes to help more people find the convoy as it heads to Hagerstown Maryland on March 4. Many from the Northeast plan to be in Hagerstown by March 3 to await the main convoy.
  • 1 Mar 5:05pm EST: Updating routes info right now.
  • 1 Mar 3:51pm EST: Northeast Route Info!
  • 1 Mar 3:40pm EST: a one-mile long convoy is coming down from IL and WI to join The People’s Convoy main group.
  • 1 Mar 3:23pm EST: Convoy Drone Video – SOUND UP!
  • 1 Mar 2:00pm EST: A helicopter with a massive American flag showed up. So did a monster truck.
  • 1 Mar 12:09pm EST: Be part of the worldwide virtual overpass.
  • 1 Mar 11:01am EST: Today’s driving route information for the convoy.
  • 1 Mar 10:31am EST: The People’s Convoy is traveling east through MO, IL and part of IN today. Watch LIVE
  • 28 Feb 5:42pm EST: Check the convoy map, routes, state-by-state info. Let freedom roll.
  • 28 Feb 4:19pm EST: PLEASE HELP! If you know ANYBODY who can haul a truckload of convoy donations from Gurnee, IL and travel with The People’s Convoy tomorrow as it crosses Illinois eastward toward Maryland, please email or open the live chat at bottom right on this site. Thank you! UPDATE 5:36pm – We found somebody. You guys are AMAZING!! THANK YOU!!
  • 28 Feb 3:10pm EST: The People’s Convoy organizer Brian Brase just finished speaking to the crowd in St. Robert, MO.
  • 28 Feb 2:44pm EST: Thanks to WYSIWYG Tv for the shoutout! He’s been doing an amazing job livestreaming the convoy!
  • 28 Feb 1:17pm EST: WePatriot is updating all our convoy maps to not use Google Maps, because Google is a bunch of spineless commies and we won’t be giving them a penny to use their services.
  • 28 Feb 12:30pm EST: An American flag was recovered from a roadway thanks to quick work by convoy participants.
  • 28 Feb 11:31am EST: Local county sheriff’s department is providing a police escort to The People’s Convoy right now, with the lead sheriff’s car sporting an American flag out of the passenger window. 37 miles into Missouri. Overpasses are filled with people cheering on the convoy and waving American flags.
  • 28 Feb 11:26am EST: Texas will support the convoy again tomorrow.
  • 28 Feb 11:12am EST: As the convoy rolls across Missouri (entered MO 19 minutes ago), share your convoy experience, add a prayer, read a convoy bedtime story. You can even live chat with WePatriot about the convoy.
  • 28 Feb 10:53am EST: The People’s Convoy crossed from Oklahoma into Missouri at 10:53am EST.
  • 28 Feb 10:35am EST: Watch LIVE as The People’s Convoy heads east into Missouri in about 10-15 minutes. It will stop for the night at Midwest Petroleum Travel Plaza, 5922 MO-19, Cuba, MO 65453.
  • 28 Feb 12:25am EST: The People’s Convoy will leave Big Cabin, OK tomorrow morning (Feb 28th) at approximately 8:00 AM.

*They will stop for a rally at: 102 Carson Blvd, St Robert, MO 65584
*General parking for the public is in the parking lot of St. Robert Center, the empty parking lot by Super 8 Motel, High Profile dispensary parking lot, and Walmart parking lot. Pink areas on map.

  • 27 Feb 6:32pm EST: THANK YOU from WePatriot to YOU the PEOPLE for making these convoys peaceful, full of love, and truly unforgettable. We’re all in this together.
  • 27 Feb 6:11pm EST: The convoy has arrived in Big Cabin, OK for the night.
  • 27 Feb 3:13pm EST: Convoy Northeast info and routes are being updated.
  • 27 Feb 3:13pm EST: As of Sunday 2/27/22 1:00pm EST – Convoy Donations Now Total: $1,502,140+

This page is a free resource provided by to help people learn more about “freedom convoys” or rolling rallies of vehicles composed primarily of private citizens, traveling together to protest peacefully for medical freedom around the world in 2022.

The People’s Convoy is sometimes referred to as The Peoples Convoy or by the hashtags #thepeoplesconvoy or #peoplesconvoy.

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